Thursday, February 2, 2017

Atlanta Crating Services

Atlanta Georgia, Mark the Mover, Inc. moving and storage and crating provides artwork crating and artwork hanging services including single use and reusable crates.  Mark the Mover Crating can provide reusable crates for machinery, electronics and trade show exhibits.

Mark the Mover moving and storage Atlanta Ga.

Mark the Mover offers pool table moving, assembly, crating, piano crating, trade show exhibit crating, chandelier hanging and crating.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

crating and storage Atlanta

Forget the park and ride and the hassle of the shuttle bus or long walk to the baggage check-in. The limo will pick you up and drop you off, near departures and arrivals, at the north or south terminal at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

When you schedule your Limousine or Car Service with Limousine Service, rest-assured we will make your departure and arrival a breeze! No worries about fighting for a taxi or making it to your business meeting on time!

You can even arrange for a snack on the way. This way you can focus on more important matters of your day.

You also won't have to worry about the inconvenience of waiting for an airport shuttle or hauling your luggage around.

Additionally, there is no need to concern yourself with airport directions, parking fees, locating your parked car at the airport or how to get to the place you need to be.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Atlantic Station Chiropractic Care

Atlanta Georgia residents new to Atlantic Station may find themselves looking for a convenient and established Chiropractor for their adjustments. Dr. Ken Weil of Chiropractic Works Health on Howell Mill Rd. is worth checking out. With many years in the Kroger Shopping Center, Dr. Ken has built a reputation with his clients of gentle, thorough Chiropractic care.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Alpharetta Movers

Mark the Mover has been relocating Atlanta and Alpharetta households for 33 years. We offer moving and storage services from our full service moving facility on Marietta Blvd centrally located near Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Mark the Mover has been at 1504 Carroll Drive, a few hundred feet from a 24 hour Atlanta Fire Department fire station, since 2000. Before that we were over on the Chattahoochie Industrial side off Logan Circle.

When looking for an Alpharetta moving company, make sure you deal with a moving company that can be trusted. There are lots of college movers and guys with a rental truck, but if you have achieved a certain status in life and want to make sure that your time is not wasted and nothing serious can go wrong, Mark the Mover is an excellent choice for a mover that has a proven 33 year track record with consumers.

Alpharetta is a medium sized town, with around 60,000 permanent residents. But with a large business base, the number of people in and around Alpharetta more than doubles during the day. Alpharetta is a name that simply means first town. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and retta is like the retta in Marietta, which is Mary's town. At least that's what their website says.

In northen Fulton County, Alpharetta is in the midst of what was once called Milton County. Milton County went bankrupt in the great depression and in 1931 was merged with Fulton County. Political winds have led citizens, not happy with the transfer of monies from the prosperous North Fulton area to fund wacky art and government projects in south Fulton County to consider re-incorporating Milton County as a seperate taxing authority. This has only fueled the name calling of parasitic lawyer groups that make their money labeling affluence as injustice.

Alpharetta has an ethnic makeup very similar to the United States as a whole. Alpharetta is however one of the most affluent suburbs around Atlanta. Much larger than areas like Eagles Landing or Ansley Park, at least geographically, the area also is a much more open and welcoming community, hence the diversity and opportunity that the area offers. Alpharetta, in many peoples minds, offers the greatest upward economic mobility in the state of Georgia. Alpharetta also scores 9 out of 10 on the web-site for city schools. Notable schools around Alpharetta achieving 10's on the web-site include Alpharetta High School, Autrey Mill Middle School, Barnwell Elementary School, Chattahoochee High School and Crabapple Crossing Elementary School.

Since it is not fair to name just a few schools in a stellar school system, here is a list of schools in the Alpharetta area, all near the top of schools in the state of Georgia;

Crabapple Crossing Elementary School, Public, PK-5, 12775 Birmingham Hwy, 30004, (770) 740-7055

New Prospect Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 3055 Kimball Bridge Rd, 30022, (770) 667-2800

Dolvin Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 10495 Jones Bridge Rd, 30022, (770) 740-7020

Milton High School, Public · 9-12, 13025 Birmingham Hwy, 30004, (770) 740-7000

State Bridge Crossing Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 5530 State Bridge Rd, 30022, (404) 497-3850

Webb Bridge Middle School, Public · 6-8, 4455 Webb Bridge Rd, 30005, (770) 667-2940

Northwestern Middle School, Public · 6-8, 12805 Birmingham Hwy, 30004, (770) 667-2870

Barnwell Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 9425 Barnwell Rd, 30022, (770) 552-4960

Medlock Bridge Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 10215 Medlock Bridge Pkwy, 30022, (770) 623-2980

Taylor Road Middle School, Public · 6-8, 5150 Taylor Rd, 30022, (770) 740-7090

Chattahoochee High School, Public · 9-12, 5230 Taylor Rd, 30022, (770) 521-7600

Summit Hill Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 13855 Providence Rd, 30004, (770) 667-2830

Fulton Science Academy, Charter · 6-8, 1675 Hembree Rd, 30004, (770) 753-4141

Autrey Mill Middle School, Public · 6-8, 4110 Old Alabama Rd, 30022, (770) 521-7622

Alpharetta High School, Public · 9-12, 3595 Webb Bridge Rd, 30005, (770) 521-7640

Alpharetta Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 192 Mayfield Rd, 30004, (770) 740-7015

Lake Windward Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 11770 E Fox Ct, 30005, (770) 740-7050

Ocee Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 4375 Kimball Bridge Rd, 30022, (770) 667-2960

Creek View Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 3995 Webb Bridge Rd, 30005, (770) 667-2932

Hopewell Middle School, Public · 6-8, 13060 Cogburn Rd, 30004, (678) 297-3240

Haynes Bridge Middle School, Public · 6-8, 10665 Haynes Bridge Rd, 30022, (770) 740-7030

Amana Academy, Charter · K-8, 285 South Main Street, 30009, (678) 624-0629

Cogburn Woods Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 13080 Cogburn Rd, 30004, (770) 667-2845

Fulton Science Academy High School, Public · 9-12, 4100 Old Milton Pkwy, 30005, (770) 475-3223

Midway Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 4805 Atlanta Hwy, 30004, (770) 475-6670

Holcomb Bridge Middle School, Public · 6-8, 2700 Holcomb Bridge Rd, 30022, (770) 594-5280

Manning Oaks Elementary School, Public · PK-5, 405 Cumming St, 30004, (770) 667-2912

Independence Alternative School, Public · 9-12, 86 School Dr, 30004, (770) 521-7611

McGinnis Woods Country Day School, Private · PK-8, 5368 McGinnis Ferry Road, 30005, (770) 664-7764

Holy Redeemer Catholic School, Private · K-8, 3380 Old Alabama Rd, 30022, (770) 410-4056

Mill Springs Academy, Private · 1-12, 13660 New Providence Rd, 30004, (770) 360-1336

Holcomb Bridge School, Private · PK-1, 2675 Holcomb Bridge Rd, 30022, (770) 998-2027

King's Ridge Christian School, Private · K-12, 2765 Bethany Bend, 30004, (770) 754-5738

Preston Ridge Montessori, Private · Preschool, 3800 Northpoint Pkwy, 30005, (770) 813-0152

Bridgeway Christian Academy, Private · PK-12, 4755 Kimball Bridge Road, 30005, (770) 751-1972

Nesbit Ferry Montessori School, Private · PK-1, 3, 9330 Nesbit Ferry Rd, 30022, (770) 552-8454

Mount Pisgah Christian School, Private · PK-12, 9820 Nesbit Ferry Rd, 30022, (678) 336-3300

Alpharetta International Academy, Private · PK-3, 4772 Webb Bridge Road, 30005, (770) 475-0558

Chandler Academy, Private · 1-3, 5, 13580 Hopewell Rd, 30004, (720) 346-0509

Alpharetta Methodist Christian, Private · PK-6, 89 Cumming St, 30004, (770) 518-1652

Creme de la Creme Day Care Center, Private · PK-1, 8730 Nesbit Ferry Rd, 30022, (770) 998-1844

Peachtree Park Prep, Private · Preschool, 225 Park Bridge Pkwy, 30005, (770) 667-8854

Medlock Bridge Montessori, Private · Preschool, 10100 Medlock Bridge Pkwy, 30022, (770) 623-1965

Creme de la Creme, Private · Preschool, 11675 Haynes Bridge Rd, 30004, (770) 777-2960

Crabapple Montessori School, Private · Preschool, 12387 Crabapple Rd, 30004, (770) 569-5200

Forsyth Christian School, Private · K-12, 1250 Alpha Drive, 30004, (770) 781-4385

Montessori School of Alpharetta, Private · n/a, 3290 Old Alabama Road, 30022, (770) 667-1277

Alpharetta Christian Academy, Private · PK-5, 44 Academy St, 30004, (770) 475-5762

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Household moving services near Alpharetta

A trusted and established moving company for Alpharetta households is Mark the Mover in Atlanta, 30 minutes from Alpharetta on Ga 400 located in west Midtown of Atlanta. Mark the Mover sells packing materials, provides household goods storage and performs local and interstate moving services for households in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, and all over the greater metropolitan area.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moving Companies Duluth Ga Atlanta Movers with great reviews on Yelp and Kudzu serving Duluth Georgia, Suwanee and Buford Ga, big moving trucks and experienced moving crews, household relocation, the smart choice in moving companies.